Level 2 Diploma

Formally known as the BTEC First Diploma, the Level 2 Diploma came into being in 2010. Running over one year the Level 2 Diploma will give completing students the equivalent of five GCSEs.

BTEC offers variations of the BTEC Level 2 Diploma, a typical course would be the Exercise and Fitness pathway. This pathway is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the fitness industry, progress to industry-recognised qualifications in this area, or progress onto an Extended Diploma course.

To gain this qualification you must…

  1. You must complete seven units over the year to be awarded the Level 2 Diploma, this is equal to 60 credits.
  2. From these 60 credits, you must complete two ‘Mandatory’ units totalling 15 credits.
  3. Additional to this, you must complete ‘Optional’ units totalling 45 credits.


Typical Units…

Unit 1:          Fitness Testing and Training

Unit 2:         Practical Sport

Unit 3:         Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Unit 4:         Anatomy and Physiology for Sport

Unit 5:         Injury in Sport

Unit 6:         Sports Development

Unit 7:         Planning and Leading Sports Activities

Unit 8:         Technical Skills and Tactical Awareness for Sport

Unit 9:         Psychology for Sports Performance

Unit 10:         Nutrition for Sports Performance

Unit 11:         Development of Personal Fitness

Unit 12:         Lifestyle and the Sports Performer

Unit 13:         Work Experience in the Sports Industry

Unit 14:         Exercise and Fitness Instruction

Unit 15:         Sport and Leisure Facility Operations

Unit 16:         Leading Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Unit 17:         Expedition Experience

Unit 18:         Effects of Exercise on the Body Systems

Unit 19:         Business Skills in Sport

Unit 20:         Planning and Running a Sports Event


Assignment Grading…

Once you have had your Assignment graded, your total Unit grade is calculated.

Pass (5 points)

Merit (6 points)

Distinction (7 points)


Overall Grade…

Take the individual Unit grade (5, 6 or 7) and times it by the Unit credit value (5 or 10) add together all the total scores to calculate your total BTEC score…


Typical Week…

A typical week on a BTEC Level 2 Diploma course would consist of up to 4 days in college/school, usually having 15 hours of contact time over 34 weeks, totaling 510 guided learning hours.



If students are unable to commit to a full time Diploma, they can take smaller versions of the 60 Credit qualification, known as; Certificate (15 Credits), or the Extended Certificate (30 Credits).