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Diet beverages can play a positive role in weight loss

Peters, Wyatt, Foster, et al (2014). The effects of water and non-nutritive sweetened beverages on weight loss during a 12-week weight loss treatment program. Objective To compare the efficacy of non-nutritive sweetened beverages (NNS) or water for weight loss during a 12-week behavioral weight loss treatment program. Methods An equivalence trial design with water or […]

Arterial Stiffening Provides Sufficient Explanation for Primary Hypertension.

Klas H. Pettersen, Scott M. Bugenhagen, Javaid Nauman, Daniel A. Beard, Stig W. Omholt. Arterial Stiffening Provides Sufficient Explanation for Primary Hypertension. Hypertension is one of the most common age-related chronic disorders, and by predisposing individuals for heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease, it is a major source of morbidity and mortality. Its etiology remains […]

Learning early in life may help keep brain cells alive

Curlik, DiFeo, & Shors (2014). Preparing for adulthood: thousands upon thousands of new cells are born in the hippocampus during puberty, and most survive with effortful learning. The dentate gyrus of the hippocampal formation generates new granule neurons throughout life. The number of neurons produced each day is inversely related to age, with thousands more […]

The ‘I can’ mentality goes long way after childbirth

Bauer, Pivarnik, Feltz, Paneth, & Womack (2013). Relationship of Past-Pregnancy Physical Activity and Self-efficacy With Current Physical Activity and Postpartum Weight Retention. Life events unique to the perinatal period may place a woman at greater risk for decreased physical activity and increased postpartum weight retention (PPWR). Study purposes were to determine a) the relationship between […]